Club Loans

USA Archery Arizona is proud to offer no interest loans to growing clubs in Arizona. Details about the program are available below.

The club leader shall provide the loan proposal for Board review and shall include the amount requested, repayment terms, collateral offered, and intended use of money.

  • Maximum club loan amount shall not exceed $2500.
  • Maximum outstanding loan totals provided to clubs shall not exceed $6000 at any time.
  • Loan amount & repayment terms – up to 2 years at 0% interest, monthly payments, or lump sum payments to be outlined in the loan agreement and subject to Board approval.
  • Clubs must remain current and in good standing with USA Archery during the entire loan period, or the loan will be subject to default terms (which will include either immediate repayment of the loan in full or collection of collateral used for the loan if not rectified within 10 business days).
  • Clubs are not eligible to receive additional loan monies for a period of two years following full repayment of prior loans.

To submit a loan proposal to the USA Archery Arizona Board of Directors for consideration please email the State Treasurer or State President.