AZ Series Champion Program

We are offering the Series Champion program again for 2024. The format and ranking system is outlined below. Please note that this program is opt-in only.

The series will be based on 7 tournaments throughout the year. Tournaments used will be based on age groups (youth & adult). Please read the following information and guidelines to ensure an understanding of how the program works and for a fun addition to the already great Arizona Archery Community.


• All members of USA Archery Arizona are eligible if they are members of a USA Archery Arizona recognized club in good standing. (Archer must list Arizona in the USA Archery database as their home state.)  

OPT IN ONLY – $25 opt in fee per archer must be paid by the deadline.

• Division must have a minimum of 2 archers opt-in to compete in order to qualify.

• Archer must shoot in the same division all year and cannot earn points in multiple divisions.

• Points are awarded based on finishing position in the tournament. Qualification and elimination rounds will determine finishing position separately and points will be awarded accordingly.

• Archer’s lowest tournament results will be dropped from final score.  Or archer can drop up to 2 tournaments.  Top 5 results are used to calculate winners.

• 1st-3rd place will receive award & recognition at the end of the year banquet.

• 1st place finisher will receive up to $200 reimbursement for 1 nationally based tournament that they register and compete in during 2025. (USATs, Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals, including JOAD and Collegiate, Field Championships, and 3D are all eligible events – Vegas Shoot is only non-USA Archery sanctioned event eligible for reimbursement.)

• Any archer that opts in, but the division does not meet the Series Champion minimum will have the opt in entry fee refunded.

• U15
• U18
• U21
• Senior
• 50+ (combined if needed)


U15, U18, U21:

  •  State JOAD Indoor
  •  State Indoor 
  •  Shamrock Slam (qualification round)
  •  State JOAD Outdoor
  •  Summer Sizzle
  •  State Outdoor
  •  State Field


  • State Indoor
  • Shamrock Slam (qualification round)
  • Summer Sizzle
  • State Outdoor
  • Papago 900 Fall/Halloween Shoot
  • Sizzling 720 (first single round qualification)
  • State Field


  • State Indoor
  • 50+ Masters Indoor
  • Sizzling 720
  • Summer Sizzle
  • 50+ Masters Outdoor
  • State Outdoor
  • State Field

• These tournaments were selected based on format, the importance of the tournament, and participant accessibility.

• 5 highest tournament finishing positions count toward archer’s final season points.

• Archers competing in a tournament that have not opted in are removed from the points system calculation. For example, if a non-opted in archer finishes 5th, the archer is removed from the list and the sixth place archer takes their place, 7th to 6th, etc.

• If there is a tie at the end of the year, the archer with the most tournament wins is the first tie breaker. If there is still a tie, then it is the archer with the higher per arrow average.

Special Rules for Masters:
• Due to the scattered participation, 50+ (Masters) may be combined for series points.  With the archer’s permission, gender may also be combined!

• Points will be based on how the archer finishes in EACH TOURNAMENT. So, you can have three archers win maximum points. Compound Men 50+, 60+, and 70+ will each have a winner. Tiebreaker as above.

Once you have Opted In and the first tournament in your division has started (registration check in time has passed), you can not Opt Out.  Special circumstances will be addressed by the USA Archery AZ Board of Directors, if an archer requests to drop.